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preliminary offer

Stage 1

The initial preliminary offer process...

  • The salesperson will explain the process and how you can use this form to make your preliminary offer.
  • You will be advised if this is a multi-offer by the salesperson (for information about other offers and multi-offers, please see the bottom of the next page).
  • All preliminary offers will be presented to the seller in this first stage.
  • We strongly encourage you to put in your best offer at this stage to ensure you have a chance of being invited to submit a formal offer in stage 2.
  • The seller may choose to select the two most appealing preliminary offers at that point, only those two buyers will then be invited to move to stage 2 and make a formal offer.
  • It is recommended that you seek legal advice during stage 2 (or any stage should you prefer).


  • If you would prefer to submit a formal offer on a Sale and Purchase Agreement, instead of a preliminary offer you are welcome to do so. It is suggested that you seek legal advice at this stage. Prior to signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement you will be required to read, sign and return to us the compliance documents along with your offer.
  • You will be advised of the deadline to have all offers in by.

Stage 2

The next stage for the successful preliminary offers from stage 1...

  • A sale & purchase agreement will be drawn up for you.
  • It is possible there will be more than one offer submitted - you will be advised by the salesperson if this is a multi-offer or not.
  • You may change the offer price or conditions from what is submitted on the preliminary offer, but we strongly encourage you to make them more favourable rather than less, in stage 2.
Address of property:
Our price to be offered:
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Preferred settlement date:
Solicitor name & firm:

If we are invited to make a formal offer in stage 2: (tick the option that is applicable)

no special conditions will be required (it will be unconditional) or
the following special conditions will be included (tick all the options that are applicable)
Finance days
LIM Report 7 day / 10 day
Builder’s Report days
"House to sell” clause
Lawyer approval days

Complete below to confirm your understanding of the process as set out herein.

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Information Pack and the REA Sale &
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What is ?

The Process, Other Offers and Multiple Offers

Stage 2: If there are no other offers, you do not need to complete a Multi-Offer form and will have the opportunity to review the terms and conditions in your preliminary offer before your formal offer is presented to the seller.

Timing and seller’s instruction: The seller reserves the right to amend the Stage 2 process depending on circumstances. We cannot give preference to any buyer for any reason. The seller, and not the salesperson, will set the agenda for the presentation and inspection of offers and all aspects of the process.

Confidentiality: No information about yours, or any other offer, will be disclosed to any other party. All offers are treated in the strictest confidence, whether a preliminary offer or a Sale & Purchase Agreement.