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winter selling.

winter selling.

winter selling.

❄️ thinking of selling in winter? 

Many homeowners prefer to sell in spring and summer, so the good news is that there are usually less houses on the market during winter months which means less competition and potential for higher demand & sale prices.

It’s essential to prepare your home properly at any time of the year, but during winter there are some easy and mostly free things that you can do to entice buyers to fall in love and make an offer on your home. 

The following advice is going to help you create an inviting atmosphere in your home that will attract buyers.  Beautiful presentation, a sparkling home and stunning marketing photos will make your home stand out above the competition.   Of course, if you are a little stuck with where to start, please get in touch and I’d love to come and give you some personalised advice for your home and how to present it in the best way for selling.

1.  bring in warmth through decor. Use rich, warm winter colours in your cushions and chunky throws to create a  luxurious atmosphere in your home.  Adding tasteful rugs to wooden or tiled floors, and lush towels & bath mats will create a lovely feeling underfoot. There’s no need to purchase new ones - make the most of good friends who would loan cushions or rugs that would suit your home.

2. get the temperature right.  Light the fire, turn on the heat pump and wall heaters at least an hour before viewings. Ensure the heat pump isn’t blasting when buyers arrive, but the house is warm & cosy.  Make sure every room is warm, not just the living area.

3. light it up.  Winter days can be gloomy and dull, so give your home a boost by ensuring all your lights are working, turn on additional lamps and open the curtains to let in the natural light and any warmth from the sun. Borrow bedside lamps to enhance the cosy feeling in bedrooms.   

4. clean the outside.  Whether you do it yourself or get in the experts, it’s essential that the exterior of your house is free of mould and algae.  Consider getting your roof cleaned at the same time - this is also a great time to check the condition of the roof and get any repairs done before they become a problem.

5. curb appeal.  Some buyers will be driving past your home to check it out before the viewing.  Make it inviting!  This may be the deciding factor between them making an appointment to view or not.  Start at the footpath and really look at how your home looks to someone looking from the street.  Is the gate a bit crooked, some of the outside lights not working or the letterbox falling over and rusted?   Ensure your front garden is tidy, lawns mowed and consider refreshing the bark on the garden.  Waterblast the path & driveway, move the rubbish bins and recycling bins out of sight and consider some solar lights in the garden.  

6. make your entrance sparkle. First impressions count.  Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful entrance. Clean cobwebs and dust from the front porch including the ceiling.  Sweep up leaves and dust right before leaving the house before a viewing and make sure your windows and front door are clean.  Assess if your front door needs a new coat of paint or varnish.  If your real estate agent doesn’t bring their own front door mat, invest in your own new mat and add some plants or flowers near the front door to add some colour.  

7. get the timing right.  What is the best time for an open home?  An important factor to consider is to make the most of the best sun for your property.  Ideally you don’t want it too early or too late.  Chat about the ideal time for your home.  You want to make the most of the sunniest time in your home to show how wam it is even during winter.  Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get the house in beautiful order before the open home - no-one likes the real estate agent arriving while you are still vacuuming in your pyjamas!  

8.  appeal to the senses.  You won’t always notice a nice smell, but you can be sure that any nasty smells will be noticed, including last night’s dinner, pet smells and dampness.  Address any dampness or mould issues well before listing your home for sale.   For a viewing, air out your home well, then use aromatherapy diffusers or candles to cover any lingering smells.  Fresh flowers and music (often brought along by the real estate agent) will complete the sensory appeal.