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Maree McGregor

Maree McGregor

Maree McGregor

Executive Assistant to Darrell Paterson

An unusual interview process over the phone while I was living in Auckland led to a meeting at Joes Garage which culminated in Darrell asking me if I had any questions …
“Yup, when do I start?”

That bold/gutsy roll of the dice thankfully worked out and I have been working as Darrells Executive Assistant since October 2017.

My goal is to have Darrell ready from phone call to front door to ensure he has all the information possible when meeting people and visiting houses. I thrive on the behind the scenes research, processing and computery stuff ensuring Darrell can be out meeting people and having conversations.

Darrell and I both have a process approach and love systems and spreadsheets which helps with tracking the process from meeting, listing, launching, selling and beyond. We have a unique team set up, with a flexible approach fine tuned for efficiency and effectiveness.

Over summer I train for Triathlon and Ironman - and Darrell endures my post race reports! During this time we maximise the technology and it is laptops and wifi to the frontlines. You can find me working on properties from cafes, at airports, on the bluebridge ferries and at various triathlon events around New Zealand - and occasionally cycling around the Mountain sending Darrell a text from the top of Wiremu Road about a “great idea” I just had!